Archaeology Squared

The project merges together a transportation hub, a museum, city archive and an archaeopark. With one of the longest, richest, and most culturally varied histories of continuous habitation of any of the world’s great cities, Istanbul is a monument to the idea of the city as a palimpsest, as a physical record and trace of its evolving history. Perhaps more than any other city it represents collisions of time, space, and organization.


The goal of our project is to introduce a new organizational force into the city that both weaves together the incongruent features of the existing site into a series of different urban matrixes and generates an energy that flows out from the site and thus re-enlivens the major elements of the existing palimpsest of the city as a whole – its histories, archaeologies, organizational and stylistic diversities.


Project Title: Yenikapı Transfer Area and Archaeopark
Program: Transit, Archaeopark, City Archive
Location: Yenikapı, Istanbul, Turkey
Planning: 2012 - 2018
Gross Floor Area: 111.496 m²


Eisenman Architects

Peter Eisenman, Principal
Richard Rosson, Project Architect
Sandra Hemingway, Project Manager
Matthew Roman, Project Designer
Pablo Costa, Designer
Ivan Adelson, Team Member
Jessica Angel, Team Member
Ariane Merle d’Aubigné, Team Member
Cynthia Davidson, Team Member
Fernando Fisbein, Team Member
David Huber, Team Member
Adil Mansure, Team Member
Alexander Maymind, Team Member
Pola Noury, Team Member
Oscar Obando, Team MemberAytaç Architects

Alper Aytaç, Principal
Hakan Aytaç, Partner
Erol Ayvacıklı, Project Coordinator
Çaglar Yazıcı, Architect
Zeynal Yeter, Architect
Fabio Rosa, Architect
Sebla Arslan, Architect
Dinemis Kusuluoglu, Landscape Architect
Didem Bal, Project Engineer
Ozan Çarga, Engineer
Anastasya Sarıyeva, Team Member


Ahmet Cengiz Yıldızcı, Principal
Gülsen Aytaç, Landscape Architect & Urban Planner
Gözde Sengü, Team Member
Izgi Uygur, Team Member