The Viewing Platforms are  part of the Theodosian Land Walls Masterplan along the proposed greenbelt.  

We love and embrace the esthetics of the ruins and not interested in completing but only strengthening them. The one of a kind double fortification wall with its moat well deserves to be experienced with the least amount of intervention. 

We proposed a lightweight viewing platform design, almost formless and ephemeral. The design takes its shape from the missing part of the wall, not the wall itself.  The missing part also enables an easy access via the greenbelt all the way to the center of the double walls.  Since the whole greenbelt is handicapped accessible, the viewing platforms are no exception. 


Project Title: Kara Surları Fikir Projesi

Program: Viewing Platform

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Start of Planing: 2018

Site Area: 1,000,000 m²

Site Length: 8km.

Client: Greater Istanbul Municipality



Architect: Aytac Architects

Project Team : Alper Aytaç (principle),  Hanse Yalçınkaya