The  Marketplace is  part of the Theodosian Land Walls Masterplan along the proposed greenbelt with cluster of  new public buildings.  

The New Strip attempts to keep its continuity along the greenbelt by changing between hardscape and building typologies.  It would be almost authoritarian if we were trying to keep the strip absolute and uninterrupted. 

Wherever there is too much pressure on the New Strip by the old city fabric the protection strip is broken just as the damaged broken pieces of the medieval wall showing the traces of history.  We love and embrace the esthetics of the ruins and not interested in completing but strengthening them.  The beauty of this inconsistency and pressure creates rhythm and excitement and its story through time throughout the park. 

Where there is enough pressure on the greenbelt, the strip is broken and just like the geological tectonic movements, the ridges and valleys are formed on the greenbelt.  These ridges sometimes function as hiding public spaces underneath as landscape buildings and are also great places to explore the park, wander around and rest.


Project Title: Kara Surları Fikir Projesi

Program: Theodosian Land Walls Marketplace

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Start of Planing: 2018

Area: 4,700 m²

Client: Greater Istanbul Municipality



Architect: Aytac Architects

Project Team: Alper Aytaç (principle), Liying Wang, Hande Güngel, Aleksandra Mitkovic