The office is conceived as flowing spatial continium. This is achieved by a pletaed furniture landscape. Pleat creates a seperation and a connection between multiple spaces enabling a smoothness of transition between spaces. The visitor is faced with a degree of complexity and strangeness, an unknown territory set to be discovered and explored. The dynamic form cuts through the rectalinearity thus the given spatial lay out is undermined, through not actually negated, by this “architecture of transition”. Book shelf becomes a wall, it gets pixelated and dissolves into the ?oor to become a desk. This furniture landscape creates ‘architecture of transition’. Dynamic pro?le of pleated form insures an exhillirating spatial sensation. To support the design idea, all surfaces shall be produced in one piece and in uniform color and haptic continuity. Pleated landscape was modeled using 3D computer software and then unfolded these volumes to generate ?at patterns for manufacturing.