The Mariinsky Theater is located in St.Petersbugh, Russia. The latitude of the particular site close to the Arctic region gave the idea that the new building shall sparkle like a “gem found in ice”.

The project consists of rectilinear glass skin (ice) that completely covers the site, and the organic volumes (gem) that house the new theater facilities. The axis of important monuments is drawn inside the site thus creating these volumes that house the new extension. These volumes will be clad with electrochemically gold colored and buffed stainless steel surfaces that will shine like the Faberge eggs of St.Petersburgh.  In-between the glass and the volumes is the zone where one could occupy without any admission to the theater.

Mariinsky 2 is intended to be an expansion of the existing old Mariinsky Theater. The program includes 2000 seat world class performance hall, 200 seat rehearsal theater, public lobbies, and rooftop restaurant. The production area of the new facility shall accommodate 7 separate staging modules, each 16m x 16m x 14m, allowing the most complex assemblies and performance schedules. The existing theater will have access to these modules through a bridge proposed to span the Krukov Canal smoothly connecting each other.