The Project site is located in an area of 2.5 km² that is bisected and isolated by the Istanbul Highway Network from the rest of the city.

Within this isolated and very dense boundary there is almost no green space available for the public. The site being on an old dry stream bed was the inspiration to create and give back the community a ‘landscape building’ through the program of Culture Center. The two volumes of the new Culture Center on a 9188 m² plot will be centered on the old stream axis. The building on the west side houses a 288 person capacity wedding hall, 382 m² multifunction room with its dedicated services.

The building on the east side houses a 504 person capacity multifunction event space, 120 person capacity auditorium, 5 meeting rooms with dedicated services. There is also a 110 vehicle capacity parking with loading zones under the two buildings thus preventing vehicular traffic on the plaza level.

The New Culture Center of Esenler will create a potential to improve better standards for living and learning for its community.


Project Title: Esenler Kültür Merkezi

Program: Culture

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Start of Planning: 2018

Site Area: 9,188 m²

Gross Floor Area: 13,865 m²

Client: Greater Istanbul Municipality



Architect: Aytac Architects

Project Team: Alper Aytaç (principle), Liying Wang, Aleksandra Mitkovic, Fabio Rosa, Ece İletir, Hanse Yalçınkaya, Hande Güngel

Landscape Architect: Gülşen Aytaç,