Aytac Architects

Aytac Architects, architecture and research practice, founded in 2005 based in Istanbul, Turkey has produced works that involve the use of hybrid process of analog and digital tools in the concept stage and the outcome. The office operates like a laboratory with the aim to render space and building more mobile, dynamic, active than they have previously been understood as stasis and sedentary.

The office strives to create powerful and clear design solutions individual to each project and site. As a full service office, Aytac Architects is engaged with building design, urban design, interiors and landscape design at all scales.


We have certain interests in our office. Mostly they are non-architectural. The study of natural landscape formations such as river deltas, oceans, deserts, ice-flows, rock formations, forests, canyons, affect our work in a way that explores new types of architectural space to challenge and move beyond codifications in various levels. The characteristics of this type of space in distinction to traditional spaces are subtleties of territorial definitions and smoothness of transitions between spaces that resist compartmentalization. This territorial subtlety and ambiguity is also best seen in the city of Istanbul where our office is located. It is the only city in the world that connects/disconnects two continents.

Alper Aytaç